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About Maxima Silica

Pure Excellence, Global Impact.

Boasting a rich history spanning two decades, Maxima Silica stands out as a leading producer of high-purity silica products. Our extensive range, spanning from resilient coarse gravel to refined fine sand granules, is extracted from a consistently reliable quartzite ore body, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Beyond our commitment to excellence in silica manufacturing, Maxima Silica has embedded itself as a vital force in community empowerment. Situated in Boshoek and Rustenburg, we have not only provided employment but have also played a pivotal role in fostering local growth.


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Silica Sizing Solutions

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Explore our range of high-quality silica, carefully graded to meet diverse industrial demands. Packed in 20/40kg bags, our sizing options range from 0.075mm to 9mm, ensuring a tailored fit for various applications. For larger quantities, opt for the convenience of our 1-tonne bulk bags, or customize your order to meet specific project requirements. Trust Maxima Silica for precision in every grain, delivering reliable sizing solutions that align perfectly with your project needs.

Why Choose Us?

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Unmatched Purity

Maxima Silica guarantees industry-leading purity, sourced from a consistent quartzite ore body.

Diverse Product Range

From coarse gravel to fine sand granules, our versatile silica products cater to a range of industrial needs.

Community Empowerment

As a pillar in Boshoek and Rustenburg, Maxima Silica provides employment opportunities, fostering local growth and prosperity.

Decades Of Expertise

With over two decades of operational experience, Maxima Silica brings reliability and excellence to every aspect of silica production.

State of-the-Art Processing

Our cutting-edge production process, including advanced high-frequency vibrating screens, ensures precision and consistency.

Global Reach & Delivery

Maxima Silica delivers high-quality silica products worldwide, meeting client specifications with seamless global access.

We Are Business That Cares, And it Shows
Where Precision Meets Performance.

Crafting excellence in every grain, we deliver silica solutions that resonate with the precision your projects deserve.

Interesting Facts About Silica

Explore the versatile benefits of silica sand across industries, from construction durability to water purification and glass manufacturing precision

Silica sand finds extensive use across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and electronics, owing to its versatility and compatibility with diverse processes.

As an excellent filtration medium, silica sand is widely employed in water treatment and purification systems. Its high-quality filtration properties help remove impurities, ensuring clean and potable water.

In the construction industry, silica sand is a key component in producing high-strength concrete. Its use enhances the durability and longevity of structures, making it an essential material in building and infrastructure projects.

Silica sand serves as a fundamental ingredient in glass production. Its unique chemical and physical properties contribute to the clarity, strength, and thermal stability of glass, making it an indispensable component in the glass manufacturing industry.

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